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Touching Clients has been providing email marketing services for businesses in Norwich, Connecticut and surrounding areas since 2006. Our team of certified consultants work closely with a number of email service providers to offer a range of email marketing solutions.

Our closest relationship is with Constant Contact. We are proud to have been a part of their pilot experts program in 2006. We have since become a New England Area Local Expert. Teaching best practices in person through our email marketing consultants to benefit our local business community here in New England. We also support businesses nationwide through our virtual Small Business Marketing Academy using live webinars, support groups and recorded tutorials.

Working with our Email Marketing Consultants to Define Your Strategy

Email marketing is a vital component of an effective online marketing strategy. With the massive increase in mobile devices, emails are being accessed more often than ever before. Knowing how to reach mobile users effectively is becoming increasingly vital. Our email marketing consultants work with you to incorporate a responsive solution.

Knowing when, how, and what to send in an email marketing piece can make the difference between growing your business and harming your business. Our years of experience and customer focus help assure the success of your email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Solutions

Our email marketing options offer a variety of choices, including access to hundreds of templates, direct telephone support, email survey and publication creation, and even one-on-one email marketing training.

Three of our most popular email marketing solutions are listed below.

Do you have something different in mind? Feel free to reach out to one of our Email Marketing Consultants.

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  • Email Essentials

    • ~ Constant Contact is our Email Service Provider.
    • ~ Over 400 templates available.
    • ~ Direct phone support included.

    Why go through us?

    We copy seasonal emails into your account quarterly. This reduces the time it takes to create your email communications.

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  • Email Pro

    Fully Managed Option

    • ~ Our Email Marketing Consultants create your emails or surveys for $200 per publication.
    • ~ You fill out a brief form reviewing the highlights and we do the rest.
    • ~ You review the email or survey and specify minor changes before the send.
    • ~ 6-month commitment required.
    • ~ Minimum of one email or survey per month.

    It’s that simple!

  • Email Custom

    On-Demand Assistance

    • ~ Want to do it yourself but think you may want some one-on-one training?
    • ~ Maybe you only need help seasonally?
    • ~ For $55 an hour our Email Marketing Consultants can resolve any issue. Then show you how to create emails from custom templates.

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