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How to Create a Facebook Chatbot to Enhance Customer Engagement

Published on March 1, 2017 by April Woodcock

Facebook Chatbot

As a business marketer, you are always thinking of new, creative, and effective ways in which you can enhance your company’s customer/client engagement. You also know that social media, with its many popular platforms and massive amounts of active users, is one of the best ways for companies to get closer to their target audience. Customer and client engagement on social media is great for not just boosting purchaser loyalty to your company but also building up a strong and positive reputation for your company’s online. Fortunately, there is a new way in which business marketers can enhance customer and client engagement on social media. Now, businesses can use a Facebook Chatbot, aka messenger bot, to better serve their online followers and fans.

What is a Chatbot? How Does it Work?

Chatbots are a new open service for Facebook’s Messenger platform that allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to build custom bots for themselves in Messenger. They allow businesses to have automated conversations with anyone who clicks on their Facebook Messenger to start a dialogue. A series of menus or special keywords will guide customers to the next steps, saving you lots of time and eliminating frivolous requests that will not lead to sales. It makes it easier for people to interact with your businesses, whether it’s seeing a menu, setting up an appointment, or asking a simple common question.

How To Create a Facebook Chatbot:

First, skip the complicated programming. There are many tools that will help you create a Facebook Chatbot. For example, for easy use, we recommend using Chatfuel. After setting up a free account in Chatfuel:

  • Log into your Facebook account and click the +sign to start a new chatbot
  • Choose a template to edit or create a blank chatbot
  • Enter a name for the chatbot in the text box and click “Create a Chatbot”

Facebook Chatbots

  • Click “Connect to Facebook” (this is where you will choose an existing Facebook business page or create an entirely new page for the chatbot to stay on)
  • Click “Build” to start building your chatbot.
  • Enter features you selected for the text card and add buttons to the card that the customers can click on to go to the next step.

You may also change the messages that will be your first response to customers if you wish. Also, include blocks in your buttons that give more information to customers on a specific part of your business. Create additional blocks for the answers to the most frequently asked questions, such as business hours or your business location. Finally, you can test the chatbots, save your work, and view them on Messenger to see them in action and if they are operating according to your preferences.

The Perks of Using Chatbots:

In terms of connecting with customers and clients, using Facebook Chatbots has a number of benefits for marketers. As mentioned above, using Facebook Chatbots makes engaging with customers easier and more efficient as customers can interact with your businesses, do the things they need, or get answers to questions they have. Conversations are automated to start dialogues between you as the marketer and them as the client, which saves both parties lots of times. This also reduces the amount of time wasted on trivial requests that won’t lead to any sales. Chatbots allow you to remarket to customers with ad campaigns in their news feeds, even if they haven’t liked your business’s Facebook page yet. There is no waiting for customers to come to you first either. You can initiate the direct engagement since Facebook Chatbots help you load customer contact information like email addresses and phone numbers, from subscriber lists to customized Facebook audiences. Now you’ll be able to send messages directly to customers from your social channel.

Chatbots can be a wonderful automated asset in your social media marketing strategy. Have you already tried using a chatbot on Facebook to quickly connect with your audience? We’d love to hear your story! Share your experiences in the box below. Until next time, thanks for reading, friends!


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