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Facebook Marketing: The Changing Faces of Facebook

Published on February 18, 2018 by Kevin Woodcock

facebook marketing

Are you aware of the changes in Facebook marketing? Your content may not be reaching the audience it used to.

Learn about developments in the way the Facebook feed presents sponsored content. Read these three changes in how Facebook presents newsfeed content. Then, check out three ways to make the most of your Facebook marketing.

Facebook Newsfeed Changes

1. You won’t get impressions for free. Every business page on Facebook will get a certain amount of organic traffic. Much that will come from word-of-mouth marketing. Much of the views you get without paid advertising are from your existing clients.

2. Audience scope isn’t as wide as it used to be. Business used build and grow their online reputation on Facebook alone. You could just post a status to the Facebook  newsfeed and know it would be seen by all your followers. Since Facebook changed its default content filters, companies have a harder time automatically connecting to their customers.

3. Relevance matters more than ever. User preferences don’t just affect the paid ads that show up (or not) in the sidebar – now a Facebook user’s activity and connections filters their newsfeed content. Meaningful connections tend to show up more often. For example, if you have a friend that you talk with regularly on your Facebook wall or messenger, their content is more likely to appear in your feed.

Facebook Advertising in 2018

Things have changed, so it’s time to adapt your online marketing. Here’s three ways you can keep your Facebook advertising relevant:

1. It’s all about what your friends think. Your friends are the reason you’re on Facebook to begin with. Online recommendations and reviews are reputation currency. Connect with a community of similar users (interests, geography, etc.) and grow out your company’s social network.

2. Visuals score big. Photos and videos are more likely to grab the attention of someone scrolling through their feed. They’re also more likely to be shared. Create visually appealing content that will stand out and appear elsewhere.

3. Make and Promote Events. Facebook Events are a separate tool from your status updates. Create a digital or live event and invite attendees. These “one-time-only” promotions are a great was to connect with people that already ‘Like’ your Facebook page.

We hope you enjoy this article and it helps you navigate the changing faces of Facebook. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how to optimize your online reputation, feel free to contact us.


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