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Is Your Content Marketing Agency Failing You?

Published on May 5, 2018 by Kevin Woodcock

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When you first engage the services of a content marketing agency, part of their process should be to develop a master strategy for driving online traffic to your website and social media, as well as increasing your search rank on major search engines.

An effective strategy is definitely an essential component of smart content marketing strategy, but where many agencies fail is their insufficient follow-through. A strategy is nothing without execution, and how an agency executes strategy effectively is what sets them apart from their competition. What causes some marketing agencies to fail your business? Here are some failures common to content marketing agencies:

Content Marketing Strategy is Not Documented

It may be a cliche that failing to plan is planning to fail, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Your content marketing agency needs to put everything down clearly and concisely in writing what they intend to do. Here’s what should be included:

  • Objectives stating the express purpose of the created content
  • Goals to benchmark the effectiveness of content
  • Clearly stated definition of your target audience
  • What competition your content may be contending with
  • Specific formats for the content that will be created
  • The plan for publication, distribution, and promotion of created content
  • Resources for creating content
  • Specific metrics for evaluating success and opportunities for improvement of your content marketing

SEO is not Central to Their Strategy

Content marketing not focused on search engine optimization (SEO) as the overarching priority is not going to garner promised or desired results. Without SEO, your content will not be ranking well or at all on Google or other search engines, and thus your market reach to your target audience has been constricted by ineffective content. Here are the cornerstones of effective SEO strategies:

  • Semantic keywords used organically within the content
  • Headers naturally include SEO keywords
  • Properly worded meta descriptions
  • Functional internal links
  • Images optimized for viewing in mobile web and with keyword tags/captions

Overuse of Exclusive Use of Branded Content

Good creative content is not another form of branded advertising. The purpose of content marketing is to inform, inspire, and entertain with interesting content related to your business’ field of industry or commerce. You are creating content that so your target audience will learn, draw inspiration, and be entertained by what you publish. Here are some important questions your content marketing agency should be asking about every piece of created content:

  • What content gets shared after the audience accesses it?
  • What are audience members discussing in the comments?
  • Where does your audience socialize and share content online?
  • What existing content is popular and shared most often?

Your Content Marketing Agency is Solely Taking Orders, Not Directing Your Strategy

An effective content marketing agent should be doing their best to steer your content marketing strategy in the right direction. If they are just taking orders and never providing feedback and advice, they aren’t doing their job. They should be pushing for specific changes from metrics and customer response, and if they aren’t pushing to help you and your brand improve, they aren’t worth what you are paying them.

No Evidence Your Agency Does Their Own Content Marketing

Is your content marketing agency using their own effective marketing strategy? If not, why should you expect they can do anything for you? Do your homework and see if they are practicing what they preach.

We hope you enjoy this article and it helps you navigate about what your Content Marketing Agency must do for you. List your questions below, share your experience. Until next time, thanks for reading.


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