Our Team

Empowering Small Businesses to Succeed

Meet the people who are helping small business owners succeed throughout Connecticut and New England! Our team has a breadth of experience in digital marketing, business development, email and social media marketing, and customer retention. Providing training seminars and online services, our experts empower local small businesses with successful marketing strategies.


April Heavens-WoodcockApril Heavens-Woodcock
Managing Partner and Chief Buzz Officer

April works with small- to mid-size companies to help them develop a robust online presence by using strategic marketing initiatives. April is an Authorized Local Expert of Constant Contact who presents regularly on email marketing and social media throughout the New England area.

She volunteers regularly for the Greater Norwich Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, and Rose City Business Networking International, educating small business in Southeastern Connecticut on effective online marketing tools. She founded the local Biz Blender networking group for the Norwich Chamber, which meets every other month to give business owners an opportunity to speed network with up to 20 other businesses in their community.

Areas of Expertise:

  • B2B Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Consultant
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Business Education
  • Small Business


Kevin WoodcockKevin Woodcock
Founding Partner and Business Development Consultant

Kevin is an innovative marketer with over 15 years’ technology, sales, and business-to-business development experience. Has built, owned, and sold successful marketing, service, and retail businesses. Kevin has worked at large enterprise corporations such as PowerSoft, Sybase, and Constant Contact and has incorporated the best practices of these organizations into his own businesses.

He is now taking his experience along with all that he has learned from owning four small businesses and combining that knowledge with best-in-breed digital marketing technology to provide his clients custom online marketing solutions that drives revenue.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Client Retention
  • Sales Management
  • Business Process Engineering
  • CRM & Marketing Software Consulting
  • Email Marketing
  • Market Analysis



What our clients are saying….

“Touching Clients is one of Constant Contact’s Partners and Local Experts, providing consultation and presentations to people interested in learning more about email marketing. I have many Local Experts to choose from in passing along opportunities, but only a very small, core group of trusted Experts that I know will get the job done well and provide that special touch. They are part of that core group. I turn to them often and they are always extremely attentive to my requests, excited and willing to help, and extremely professional. They make my job easier and that is invaluable to me.”

—Regional Development Director, Constant Contact

“Touching Clients helped us with our marketing and web presence. Holiday cards, newsletters, and brochures are just some of the services they have provided for us. They have always come out top notch! They have also advised us on how to expand our web presence through the use of new media including Facebook. They has always been attentive to our needs and worked above and beyond our expectations.”

—Greg, Insurance Agent

“Touching Clients had the quickest turnaround time of any of the vendors I’ve tried. They are extremely detailed-oriented and responsive. Touching Clients is a pleasure to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with them!”

—David, Attorney

“Unlike many ‘experts’ in the marketing and social media realm, Touching Clients is approachable and understanding. I have had the opportunity to participate in some of their workshops. They were extremely informative and not at all intimidating, even though the material they were going over was complicated cutting-edge material and techniques. When I have a question about using social media and client retention techniques to increase my business—and I often do—she is the only person I think of. They listen to me, and offer advice based on the needs of my business, and my somewhat demanding personality. I recommend Touching Clients with complete confidence.”

—Tim, College Consultant

“I highly recommend Touching Clients. They are a very valuable asset to my business. She thinks outside the box and has great marketing ideas. They have been helpful in setting up a client retention program for our company and are always available when I need some advice.”

—Susan, Travel Agent

“Touching Clients has helped my business tremendously over the years. The last 2 years, the Touching Clients staff helped coordinate and distribute my 401k day mailer cards. They offered me solutions for the type of card, as well as the mailing and follow-up on the mailing. All I needed to do was supply them with names/addresses and they took care of the rest.

“Touching Clients has also helped me with my Facebook business page. They are an expert in FB design and promoting your business through Facebook.”

—Andrew, Financial Advisor

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