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Small Business Branding: Simple Ways to Build your Brand Online

Published on May 16, 2018 by Kevin Woodcock

small business branding

Creating a recognizable and respected brand is an asset that will continue to deliver value for the life of your company. Effective small business branding allows your company to connect with customers and stand apart from your competition. Taking your brand online can increase your small business’ exposure and forge relationships with customers.

Define Your Mission

Identify the value and brand delivers. Your mission is not about what your products or services can do, but rather the value your customers experience. A clearly defined and understood mission will guide all resulting branding decisions. A specific mission also helps distinguish your brand from your competition. Understanding what sets your brand apart from your competition enables you to more easily promote these traits.

Establish Visual Identify

Create a compelling logo and tagline. A logo is a visual indicator of a brand and it needs to invoke your business. Taking the time to work with a graphic designer to create the perfect logo is time and money well spent. A logo is an investment you will have for years, so take the time to do it right.

Using Visual Identity

Use your logo and tagline consistently on all forms of outreach. Everything should match, from email signatures, newsletters, social media and even any printed collateral, packaging or merchandise.

Consistent Tone 

Take the same tone in all communications. A consistent voice builds your small business branding. Your tone can range from professional to casual, friendly to informative or anything else that fits your image. Derive your tone from your mission. Customers know what to expect when you always communicate in a consistent tone. This will help your customers establish familiarity with your brand.

Get Blogging

A blog is an opportunity to create unique content that positions your brand as an authority in your niche. Keep your mission and tone front of mind when creating content. Share blog posts via your social media accounts to generate traffic and engage with your followers. Well structured content will also score well with search engine algorithms and bring users to your site. Content marketing can take time to generate traction, so stick with it.

Building Your Empire

An online presence affords your brand a greater reach. This increased reach is only effective if you leverage it consistently, and in a way that adequately represents your brand. Establishing a brand takes time, but the payout is worth the effort. Putting these tips to use ensures your small business branding is effective and positive.

I hope you found this article helpful towards your efforts, but if you have any additional questions about branding and marketing your business or ways Touching Clients can assist you in the process, give us a call at (860) 591-9244.


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