Mike Gingerich, Co-founder TabSite Drip Email Campaigns


April is a whiz! We had need of assistance setting up and deploying some drip email campaigns in InfusionSoft and April helped tremendously. She knows the system, knows how to setup efficiently, and most importantly knows business marketing so she added value with her ideas for the campaigns as well. We really valued her involvement […]

Mari Smith – Leaders Create More Leaders

April Heavens-Woodcock is my go-to gal when it comes to email marketing best practices and integrating with Infusionsoft. I use April’s services in my own company, have had her present at my live events and on webinars, and recommend her to my clients. She has a wonderful, approachable style of teaching and coaching. And, she […]

Summit Fitness and Sports Taking It To the Next Level


Summit Fitness and Sports Taking It To the Next Level   Jolene Bowers Owner of Summit Fitness and Sports originally contracted with Touching Clients when her gym was a franchise of “World’s Gym” to assist with Email Marketing. Jolene enjoyed her relationship with World’s Gym but wanted to break away and really give her clients […]

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