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Backing Up Social Media Content: Why and How?

Backing Up Social Media

Your social media content is valuable and takes time and effort to curate. So you wouldn’t want to have it fade away as the result of a lost media platform or platform change that removes features you use on a regular basis. This is where the topic of backing up social media content comes into […]

Jazz Up Your Video Marketing with YouTube Cards

YouTube Cards

There’s a growing trend among marketing teams to use YouTube as a tool to earn more revenue. Spending a larger chunk of your marketing budget on YouTube simply makes sense because it’s on the rise as an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes. Three out of four marketing teams planned to use the video […]

Cyber Bullying: Efforts to Squash a Growing Epidemic

Cyber Bullying

Smartphones are becoming a part of daily life for many adolescents, with 80 percent of high school students owning smartphones. A study conducted by revealed that more than half of all students use smartphones IN class while many others use Chromebooks or laptops to access the internet. Once online, studying isn’t the only thing […]