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Boost Your Business Community with Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

Since the inception of Facebook, the social media network has grown to encompass more than one billion users with an infinite ability for shares through other social media platforms. Businesses have the opportunity to create free web pages, create innovative marketing strategies and promotions, and define and join varying groups to showcase their expertise and […]

10 Tips for a Winning Business Plan

business plan

Any organization needs a solid foundation. Your business plan provides the guidelines as to how you plan to run your operations and use the resources at your disposal. Remember these 10¬†tips when drafting a winning business plan. 1. Write the plan to address the requirements of the audience:¬†Identify the purpose of the plan, such as […]

Canva: A Dream for Small Business Design is a free design website that can create one-of-a-kind visual content for your small business. This service can work wonders for the small business owner who needs captivating visuals for their website or social media channels, but may not be Photoshop savvy. 93% of the brain registers visual content before anything else, so you […]