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Rank Above Competing Neighbors with Local SEO

Local SEO

By now, you must have heard of the World Wide Web and the magic it can work in starting and growing your business. And, as you know, to really take advantage of the Internet’s power, you must first make your company website and brand easy to find by search engines. For a long time, the […]

Tell the Tale of Your Business with Instagram ‘Stories’

Instagram 'Stories'

Like many other forms of social media, Instagram has grown in prominence almost by the day not only for personal use but for businesses as well. What began as a social network for photo and video sharing has grown into a useful marketing tool. The ability to market and express your business visually via digital means […]

Lights, Camera, Action! Grow Your Audience with Facebook Live

Facebook Live

If it seems like social media sites are constantly releasing new features, it’s because they are; from Facebook’s new “reactions” system to Instagram’s “stories”, these platforms are competing to keep users interested and prevent them from moving on to the next new thing. Thankfully, these innovations often result in features that can benefit businesses, as […]