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Basics For Building a Website That is Reputable For Your Business

Building a Website

  Research has shown that 71% of small businesses have an active website as of 2017 to improve their online presence.(1) Furthermore, it’s been found that 92% of small businesses without an active website intend on creating one by the end of 2018.(1) A professional website is a cornerstone towards helping you attract customers to […]

How to Create a Facebook Chatbot to Enhance Customer Engagement

Facebook Chatbot

As a business marketer, you are always thinking of new, creative, and effective ways in which you can enhance your company’s customer/client engagement. You also know that social media, with its many popular platforms and massive amounts of active users, is one of the best ways for companies to get closer to their target audience. […]

Backing Up Social Media Content: Why and How?

Backing Up Social Media

Your social media content is valuable and takes time and effort to curate. So you wouldn’t want to have it fade away as the result of a lost media platform or platform change that removes features you use on a regular basis. This is where the topic of backing up social media content comes into […]