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The Passion Of Small Business: Live Your Dream

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When you are young, you are asked the question what do you want to be when you grow up? As you explore your world and learn new things, passion for different hobbies will emerge. As you get older, these passions become potential career choices. Those that choose to harness their passions, focusing on how to […]

Canva: A Dream for Small Business Design is a free design website that can create one-of-a-kind visual content for your small business. This service can work wonders for the small business owner who needs captivating visuals for their website or social media channels, but may not be Photoshop savvy. 93% of the brain registers visual content before anything else, so you […]

A Marketing Must, but What IS a Campaign?

What is a Campaign? A campaign is simply one, or a number of activities, which you use towards achieving the goals that you lay out for your business. A perfect example of a simple campaign would be a company newsletter that is sent out to your subscribed recipient list every month at the same time. […]