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Cyber Bullying: Efforts to Squash a Growing Epidemic

Cyber Bullying

Smartphones are becoming a part of daily life for many adolescents, with 80 percent of high school students owning smartphones. A study conducted by revealed that more than half of all students use smartphones IN class while many others use Chromebooks or laptops to access the internet. Once online, studying isn’t the only thing […]

Instagram Live Videos: The New Way to Showcase Your Business

Instagram Live Videos

Instagram Live videos provide a new medium for businesses to use to connect with users on the popular social media platform. Instagram Live was created to compete with other social video sharing platforms like Snapchat and Twitter’s Periscope. Live videos are shared in real-time and deleted instantly after a broadcast, so they don’t post directly to […]

6 Digital Marketing Trends to Consider Going into 2017

Digital Marketing Trends

You might have personal resolutions for this coming year, but have you set any professional New Year’s resolutions? As we gaze into the crystal ball to see what the future will bring, there are bound to be trends that both flourish and fail. This is especially true in the digital arena which is constantly evolving […]