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Energize Your Online Referral Network With Linkedin Recommendations

If you know how to use it, and take advantage of the features it offers, LinkedIn may allow you to create a professional presence online so you are visible to people in your field, potential employers, clients or customers, and so you can connect with, and network with people who are in your field or, [...]

LinkedIn Endorsements: Are They Valuable?

The world has become so focused on digital communication that people use social media to communicate with friends, family members, and to connect with people who have similar interests. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn serves an entirely different purpose as a social networking platform. It is more focused on the professional aspect of networking, and [...]

SlideShare: An Untapped Social Media Gem

Successful businesses know the importance of having a presence across all social media platforms. It is a simple way to reach potential or existing customers or clients, and a way to get known in the community and within your company’s industry. Just participating on a social network’s platform isn’t enough. You have to give your [...]